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Employee helps feed his community

Photo of blessing box
Richard Brooksher, a Pittsburg, KS, letter carrier, says the premise behind his “Blessing Boxes” is simple: Take what you need, leave what you can.

This year’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive is over, but one USPS employee has made feeding the hungry a daily effort.

Pittsburg, KS, Letter Carrier Richard Brooksher helps operate two “Blessing Boxes” in his community.

The premise behind the wooden boxes is simple: Take what you need, leave what you can.

“There is a huge need,” Brooksher said, noting the community is one of the state’s poorest. “There are a lot of homeless and people struggling from paycheck to paycheck.”

Brooksher built the boxes last fall to support a local project to address hunger. He, his wife and members of the church they attend make sure the boxes are never empty.

Brooksher checks the boxes while off the clock and restocks them when necessary.

“I keep food in my car,” he said.

Brooksher also participated in this year’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive, collecting more than 700 pounds of food on his route. “More than last year,” he said.

The Blessing Boxes remain close to his heart.

He has seen an increase in both donations and withdrawals since the boxes were installed, along with messages of gratitude left inside the boxes.

“I am deeply touched by Richard’s kindness toward others,” said Pittsburg Postmaster Robert Beasley. “There is not a more rewarding feeling than that of giving to those less fortunate.”

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