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Kristopher Golembiewski, Burton, MI

Burton, MI, Retail Associate Kristopher Golembiewski
Burton, MI, Retail Associate Kristopher Golembiewski

Retail Associate Kristopher Golembiewski was helping customers recently at the Burton, MI, Post Office when he noticed someone in line who seemed unwell.

At the counter, the woman’s speech was slurred, she dropped several items and she seemed forgetful, so Golembiewski asked her repeatedly if she was OK before she left.

The following day, the customer returned and thanked the Postal Service employee.

She said his concern prompted her to immediately contact her doctor, who determined that she was taking the wrong dosage of a medication and advised her to come in right away.

“She felt that Kris saved her life, because she didn’t think anything major was wrong until he spoke up,” said Customer Services Manager Tim Gipprich.

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