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Michelle Taylor, Vincent, OH; Monika Chester, Detroit

Vincent, OH, Rural Carrier Associate Michelle Taylor
Vincent, OH, Rural Carrier Associate Michelle Taylor

Postal Service employees delivering mail recently in Ohio and Michigan got help quickly when customers faced emergencies.

Rural Carrier Associate Michelle Taylor detected a fire at a residence in Vincent, OH. She alerted her supervisor, who contacted firefighters, and banged on the front door. Getting no response, Taylor went to the house next door to see if anyone could locate the property owner, who turned out to be there at the time visiting his neighbors.

Damage was mostly contained to a bedroom and a bathroom.

In Detroit, Letter Carrier Monika Chester was talking to a customer when he apparently suffered a seizure and fell to the ground, cutting his head. Chester held the man to prevent him from further injuring himself, called 911 and stayed with him until emergency responders arrived.

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