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Thanks and praise

Best practices: Promoting employee recognition

Lomita, CA, Postmaster Delbert Rocha
Lomita, CA, Postmaster Delbert Rocha says employee recognition helps boost productivity.

Delbert Rocha believes in recognizing employees when they do good work.

The Lomita, CA, Postmaster uses several methods to praise his team, including presenting them with certificates to mark major milestones, such as driving 1 million miles or more without an accident.

“They are really appreciative,” he says.

Rocha has emphasized employee recognition since completing the Postal Service’s Creating an Engaging Workplace training. As a result, he says productivity at his office is up and sick leave is down.

Managers like Rocha are helping USPS create a “culture of appreciation,” according to Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

“When employees regularly receive positive reinforcement, it helps them feel more invested in the success of the organization,” Williams says.

Rocha offers the following tips for his fellow leaders:

• Make time. USPS workplaces operate on a tight schedule, but it’s important to carve out time to recognize performance.

• Get creative. Following a suggestion from Customer Services Supervisor Aura Munoz, Rocha created an “engagement board” where he posts employees’ photos and written descriptions of how they’ve gone the extra mile for customers.

• Have fun. The Lomita Post Office holds an annual “Happy New Year in October” party where Rocha discusses the goals for the new fiscal year.

Rocha also makes a special point to spontaneously recognize employees.

“I like to catch them off guard,” he says.

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