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Jack Landrum, Winfield, KS

Winfield, KS, Letter Carrier Jack Landrum

When an older Postal Service customer in Winfield, KS, recently showed signs of rapidly declining health, Letter Carrier Jack Landrum wanted to be sure she had access to any assistance she needed.

When Landrum checked on the woman after he noticed her mail piling up, she was able to answer her apartment door.

Several days later, though, as her mail accumulated again, she apparently couldn’t do the same.

Landrum contacted her landlord, who explained that the woman had not been getting around well lately.

The postal employee alerted police, who determined that the customer was OK, but he remained concerned and called Adult Protective Services as well.

Landrum later heard from the landlord that the woman died the next day.

“This was an unfortunate outcome, but I’m proud to have employees who are not only alert, but who truly enjoy their jobs and the customers they serve,” said local Postmaster Debra Davis.

“Jack’s dedication is indicative of everyone here on the Winfield team.”

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