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Rebecca Rude, La Crosse, WI; Cassandra Mazur, Rome, NY

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La Crosse, WI, Letter Carrier Rebecca Rude

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Wisconsin and New York recently made right calls in moments of crisis.

La Crosse, WI, Letter Carrier Rebecca Rude noticed signs of trouble at an older customer’s home. Although the woman’s car was there, her mail was piling up and there was no answer at her door.

Rude alerted police, who found the woman in dire need of medical attention. She was hospitalized and recovered from her illness.

In Rome, NY, Letter Carrier Cassandra Mazur was delivering mail when she encountered a toddler alone outside a residence. She took the child to the porch, heard a baby crying inside, and got no response when she tried to summon a caregiver. Mazur called 911 and stayed on the scene until police arrived.

An officer later contacted the local Postmaster to thank Mazur and provide an update: An arrest was made and the children were placed in protective custody.

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