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Test drive

Instructor teaches employees road rules

Driver Safety Instructor Paul Gregory
Driver Safety Instructor Paul Gregory familiarizes students with a USPS extended capacity vehicle recently.

When it comes to training employees for delivery positions in Northeast Area’s Westchester District, all roads lead to Paul Gregory.

The driver safety instructor has been training new employees — including letter carriers, rural carriers and truck drivers — for the past 10 years.

He tells employees, “I was in your shoes, and there isn’t a person in this building who didn’t start in a classroom. My goal is to make [the training course] work for you.”

Gregory started his training career as a carrier academy instructor. He is state-certified to run the National Safety Council’s defensive driving course, and he helped develop the Postal Service’s national driver training program.

In Westchester District, his class covers six hours of defensive driving, plus a hands-on driving skills course. The training is part of the Postal Service’s broader professional development and safety efforts.

“I like [students] who ask a lot of questions, engaged people who want the job,” he said.

Gregory takes pride in the outcome of his work.

“It’s a great feeling when you train somebody and you see them [later] dressed in a USPS uniform,” he said.

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