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Care center employee fosters improvement

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Technical Support Agent Anthony Moya enjoys helping customers and co-workers at the Edison, NJ, Customer Care Center.

Need help? Anthony Moya is ready to listen.

Moya is a technical support agent at the Edison, NJ, Customer Care Center. He handles as many as 70 calls a day from Postal Service customers.

“Our goal is improvement,” he said. “Our job is to resolve customer concerns. Many of them are able to be fixed while on the call. Others require that we document, report the problem or escalate it.”

In addition to the Edison site, USPS operates Customer Care Centers in Los Angeles; Troy, MI; and Wichita, KS. Together, the four centers respond to millions of calls each year, part of the organization’s effort to strengthen customer service.

Moya started as a postal support employee in 2013 before becoming a customer care agent two years later. He’s also a member of his center’s change agent network, a program that promotes technical and work culture improvements.

“We act as the eyes, ears and voice of the change network,” Moya said. “We work with the project team and the local leadership teams to implement process and culture improvements.”

He enjoys helping customers and co-workers alike.

“I say, ‘Never hesitate to come to my desk,’” Moya said.

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