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Carlene Miller, Novato, CA

Hero Carlen Miller
Letter Carrier Carlene Miller is recognized by co-workers and Mark Heine, the local fire chief, during a recent ceremony at the Novato, CA, Post Office.

Novato, CA, Letter Carrier Carlene Miller had brought mail to a disabled customer’s home for more than a decade.

But the most important delivery she made was the help she provided recently after the woman fell out of her motorized wheelchair and became trapped in her bathroom.

When Miller heard the customer crying out for assistance, she entered the residence and attempted to lift her, but the woman explained that her hips were fused and it would require two people to get her back into her wheelchair.

The Postal Service employee made sure the customer’s medical alert device was activated and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived.

“I treat all of my customers and their pets as though they are part of my family. When I’m not at home, they are my family,” Miller said.

During a recognition ceremony held later at the Novato Post Office, Miller urged her co-workers to take time to get involved in customers’ lives.

“Part of customer service is just caring about who your customers are. A pleasant ‘hi’ or smile can change someone’s whole outlook for the day,” she said.

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