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Grill seekers

Tips offered for healthier cookouts

Wellness BBQ
The USPS Wellness team is offering tips to make summer cookouts healthier.

Warmer weather heralds the start of barbecue season.

Eating healthy at summer cookouts isn’t easy, but if you focus on small changes, you can manage your weight while still having fun.

The USPS Wellness team is offering these tips:

• Eat more veggies. If you attend a barbecue, think about adding vegetables to your plate. Vegetables are packed with fiber and tend to make you feel fuller.

• Control your portions. If you want to sample a little of everything, consider making a kebab. You can add a combination of meat, fruit and vegetables to a kebab for a well-rounded and filling meal.

• Don’t forget the fruit. When it’s time for a dessert or a sweet snack, think about watermelon, cherries or pineapple instead of cakes and cookies.

• Drink low-calorie beverages. Summer is a time for high-calorie drinks. Think about healthier options, like infusing water with strawberries, watermelon, lemon or mango to give your drink a sweet flavor with significantly fewer calories.

The Wellness LiteBlue page has more tips for healthy eating.

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