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PMG hails USPS role in digital economy

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The Postal Service’s latest digital offerings include Informed Delivery, a feature that provides residential consumers with previews of their incoming mail.

The Postal Service is a powerful engine of innovation in the modern economy, PMG Megan J. Brennan writes in a new opinion piece.

“As the world changes to thrive in a digital environment so does the Postal Service. We have always evolved and innovated to drive the best value and experience for our customers and we continue to do so now and will into the future,” Brennan writes.

The article, which was published this month by the Politico news site, describes the Postal Service’s efforts to respond to mail volume declines and the changing marketplace.

The PMG cites the organization’s important role in the growth of online commerce, including its ongoing efforts to enhance its shipping products and services.

USPS also provides business customers with real-time data about mail flow, while Intelligent Mail barcodes have helped the organization improve its process and delivery performance.

Informed Delivery, a new feature that provides residential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail, is another example of the Postal Service’s “new generation of innovations that tighten the connection between the physical and the digital,” the PMG writes.

The full article is available on Politico’s site.

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