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Security update

Leave USPS computers on from June 23-July 4

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All USPS computer users should leave their Windows-based workstations or laptops on and connected to the postal network in order to receive critical security updates.

The Postal Service will install critical security updates to all Windows-based workstations and laptops, beginning Friday, June 23.

These updates are necessary to ensure the computers are protected from potential cyberattacks, the Corporate Information Security Office and Information Technology report.

Here’s what you should know:

• Log off, but leave your computer on. Before leaving work June 23, make sure your USPS laptop or workstation is connected to the postal network. Log off and lock your computer, but don’t turn it off.

• Keep your computer on. All USPS computers should remain powered on and connected to the postal network through Tuesday, July 4, in order to receive the security updates.

• Keep your password private. Remember: Never share your login information. If you forget to leave your computer powered on and connected, don’t ask a colleague to do it for you.

If you have questions, call the Information Technology help desk at 800-877-7435.

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