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Michael Fox, Cheektowaga, NY; Mary Martinez, Phoenix; Michelle Ramer, Muscatine, IA

Cheektowaga, NY, Letter Carrier Michael Fox
Cheektowaga, NY, Letter Carrier Michael Fox

Postal Service employees recently came to the aid of a customer, a co-worker and a child in moments of need.

Cheektowaga, NY, Letter Carrier Michael Fox was concerned that a disabled customer’s mail was piling up over several days. He alerted his manager, who contacted authorities. When they checked on the woman, she was in distress, suffering from an adverse reaction to a change in her medication. She has since recovered, and authorities were thankful for Fox’s attentiveness.

Arizona District Address Management System Technician Mary Martinez was quick to respond when a co-worker started choking while eating. She performed the Heimlich maneuver until the piece of food was dislodged.

Michelle Ramer, a rural carrier in Muscatine, IA, was delivering mail when she heard a child crying across the street. She saw that it was a toddler alone outside a residence, clothed only in a T-shirt and diaper on a frigid day. Ramer knocked on the front door but got no answer, so she alerted her supervisor and sat with the child in her warm vehicle until authorities arrived.

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