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Brandy Miller, St. Louis; Leroy Musgrove III, Fairmont, WV; Joan Oehlers, Temperance, MI

Brunnette woman shelves mail
St. Louis Letter Carrier Brandy Miller

Postal Service employees delivering mail recently helped people and animals at risk in roadside emergencies.

St. Louis Letter Carrier Brandy Miller stopped to help a man lying alongside a busy thoroughfare. He appeared to be having a seizure, so she called 911 and made sure he didn’t get hit by passing cars while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

Fairmont, WV, Rural Carrier Leroy Musgrove III rescued an accident victim trapped in a burning vehicle. He got her a safe distance from the car, alerted his supervisor and stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

Temperance, MI, Rural Carrier Joan Oehlers was concerned by the sight of two loose dogs running in and out of traffic. She notified the nearest neighbor, who turned out to be the dogs’ owner. The woman later contacted the local Postmaster to express appreciation, explaining that the dogs were therapy animals for her daughter and had gotten out through a damaged fence.

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