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Adam Quiles Jr., Honolulu

Honolulu Mail Handler Equipment Operator Adam Quiles Jr.
Honolulu Mail Handler Equipment Operator Adam Quiles Jr.

Adam Quiles Jr., a mail handler equipment operator at the Honolulu Processing and Distribution Center, recently rushed to the aid of an injured co-worker.

The man had blacked out and gashed his head open when he hit the floor.

Quiles applied pressure to slow the bleeding, told bystanders to get additional help and continued to render first aid until emergency medical technicians arrived.

“I appreciated that Adam was able to relay to the first responders that I was exhibiting seizure-like symptoms,” said the injured employee, who recovered from the incident.

“Adam didn’t wait to be asked or told. He took control of the situation and remained calm, giving others instructions during the tensest moments,” said Acting Sr. Plant Manager Daniel Hirai.

Quiles said his calm demeanor in a medical crisis was profoundly shaped by a boyhood experience at the group home his family operated: At the age of 12, he successfully performed CPR on a disabled resident when no one else was available.

“He is really a superstar,” Hirai added.

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