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Walking the walk

District focuses on employee wellness activities

USPS executive Todd Hawkins
Greater Indiana District Manager Todd Hawkins speaks to employees recently about the district’s wellness challenge.

Employees in one Postal Service district aren’t just talking the talk when it comes to promoting wellness. They’re walking the walk, too.

It began this year when Greater Indiana District Manager Todd Hawkins asked members of his leadership team to join him in a friendly weight-loss competition.

This sparked the creation of a district-wide initiative in which employees work to improve their health in a variety of areas, including financial security and stress management.

More than 300 employees are now participating. Each one is focused on meeting a specific goal, such as weight management, reducing soda consumption or getting more sleep.

“It’s been encouraging to see so many employees make a commitment to improve their lives,” Hawkins said.

The district’s initiative aligns with the Postal Service’s broader wellness efforts, which encourage employees to take a holistic approach to their well-being.

The emphasis on wellness is proving beneficial to employees such as Peru, IN, Postmaster Connie Cade, who recently decided to check her blood pressure and was shocked to discover it was high.

With guidance from her doctor, Cade is now living a healthier lifestyle.

“The wellness challenge has certainly paid off for me,” she said.

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