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Mary Burd, Pitman, PA; Judith Bates, Red Oak, OK; Reginald Sloan, Oklahoma City

Hero Mary Burd
Pitman, PA, Retail Associate Mary Burd

Postal Service employees in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma recently responded quickly and effectively when they spotted fires.

Retail Associate Mary Burd was driving to work in Pitman, PA, when she saw flames shooting out of a home’s garage. She called 911 and knocked on the front door, but no one was there. Firefighters couldn’t save the garage, but damage to the residence was otherwise minimal.

Rural Carrier Judith Bates was delivering mail in Red Oak, OK, when she noticed smoke coming from a house that was under renovation and unoccupied. She alerted a neighbor, who called 911. Bates later encountered an insurance adjuster at the house who commended her for saving it from destruction.

Oklahoma City Letter Carrier Reginald Sloan saved the life of a customer who didn’t realize her duplex was on fire. He called 911 and banged on her door after he detected smoke and flames while delivering mail. Later while giving information to emergency responders, the woman ran across her yard to hug and thank Sloan.

“It was the sweetest moment,” said Stephanie Hopper, the local station manager.

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