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Post Offices celebrate milestones this week

USPS employees and customer
Employees and a customer gather recently inside the Rockaway, NJ, Post Office, one of several offices turning 225 this week. From left are Jenny Barthelus, a part-time flexible employee; Darrin Mack, a retail associate; Postmaster Todd Piasecki; Flora Yuen, a retail associate; and customer Maribel Kritz.

More than two dozen Post Offices are marking their 225th anniversaries this week.

The 26 offices are located in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

Several of these offices are celebrating by decorating their lobbies and passing out treats to customers.

“We’re all amazed by our rich history,” said Rockaway, NJ, Postmaster Todd Piasecki, whose office turned 225 June 12. “It’s a very proud moment for us.”

The 225-year-old offices were established following a 1792 law that led to the doubling of the number of Post Offices in the United States.

Although these offices have been around a long time, none are the nation’s oldest Post Office — a distinction held by the Boston, MA, Post Office, which was established in 1639.

The oldest Post Office continuously operating in the same building, located in Hinsdale, NH, marked its 200th anniversary last year.

For Piasecki, this week’s milestone reflects the enduring need for USPS.

“This kind of event makes you more aware of what you belong to,” he said. “We feel honored to be part of it.”

Use the online Post Officer Finder to see a partial list of offices established in 1792.

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