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Jeffery Allen, Jeffrey Bolte and Kristina Olson, Bismarck, ND

Three heroic employees
From left, Bismarck, ND, Customer Services Supervisor Jeffery Allen, Rural Carrier Jeffrey Bolte and Letter Carrier Kristina Olson

A simple household task took a perilous twist recently for a postal customer in Bismarck, ND.

The woman was emptying trash outside on a bitterly cold day when she slipped on ice as she tried to make it back inside while holding her child.

Although the child was unhurt, the woman was seriously injured and couldn’t get up.

Rural Carrier Jeffrey Bolte was the first passerby to notice the customer, who was frantically waving and crying out for help while he was delivering mail.

Bolte rushed to her aid, soon followed by Customer Services Supervisor Jeffery Allen and Letter Carrier Kristina Olson, who were also working nearby.

After 911 was called, the trio calmed the woman, who was worried about her child, and tried to make her comfortable by locating a blanket she could lie on and a coat to keep her warm while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

The customer later contacted Bismarck Postmaster Melodee Trombley to thank the postal employees for their assistance.

“She was very concerned about what could have happened had they not seen her, and very grateful that they did,” Trombley said.

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