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TyReke McGruder, Pinellas Park, FL

Pinellas Park, FL, Letter Carrier TyReke McGruder
Pinellas Park, FL, Letter Carrier TyReke McGruder

Letter Carrier TyReke McGruder was delivering mail recently in a Pinellas Park, FL, retirement community when he saw a group of teenagers steal a bicycle parked outside a couple’s home.

McGruder alerted police and went to the residence to let the couple know what happened. He also gave a statement to responding officers.

Police located the bicycle within two days and returned it to the couple, who contacted the local Post Office to thank McGruder for his help.

“The wife let us know that the bike was not expensive, but it was her husband’s transportation around the retirement community,” Postmaster Dolores Seuwin said.

“They were extremely grateful for TyReke’s concern and actions,” she added.

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