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Huddle up

‘Engage’ spotlights workplace best practices

Engage series

Oklahoma District leaders say they’re engaging employees by listening.

“It’s about the people and the process itself, and part of the secret is making sure the process is consistent day in and day out,” Oklahoma District Manager Julie Gosdin says.

Gosdin is one of several district leaders who are interviewed in the latest episode of “Engage,” the new video series that highlights USPS workplaces that foster enthusiasm, involvement and commitment.

“The way you can engage employees is you really have to meet them on a personal level,” Manager of In-Plant Support Joshua Hallman says.

He also uses “huddle boards” in various operations where small groups of employees congregate to discuss what went well and what needs improvement on any given day.

“Employees are allowed to record whatever they want on that board … so we have that constant communication back and forth,” Hallman says.

The 5-minute episode also features comments from a Business Mail Entry Unit manager who uses an unusual object to spark friendly competition among his team, as well as a station manager who focuses on fostering camaraderie among her employees.

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