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Rave reviews

Video highlights customer surveys

Anthony Raffanello follows an important motto when he’s working — the customer always comes first.

The Manassas, VA, retail associate is proud of his customer-focused approach, which he uses to promote the Postal Service brand and encourage repeat business.

“My role in upholding the brand is making sure that the customer is satisfied when they leave,” Raffanello says in a new video.

He also prides himself on ensuring customers know how to rate their experiences.

“I circle the bottom of their receipt and ask them to take a brief survey, which would help improve our service and their experience with the Postal Service.”

Raffanello says the retail point-of-sale survey is important because it shows where the organization needs to improve.

“If I do have any weaknesses, I need to know so I can improve in that area,” he says.

USPS encourages employees to promote these surveys to help better identify what customers need.

“By having a positive experience, we know that [customers] will return to us,” Raffanello says.

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