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Christopher Burgler, Buffalo, NY; Ricky Pippin, Henryetta, OK; Melanie Bostic, Bristol, VA

Hero Christopher Burgler
Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Christopher Burgler

Postal Service employees around the nation recently helped people in their communities get out of harm’s way.

Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Christopher Burgler was delivering mail when he encountered a man attacking a woman outside her home. Burgler intervened and the man fled. The postal employee then called 911 and stayed with the woman until emergency responders arrived. She sustained head and hand injuries in the incident.

In Henryetta, OK, Rural Carrier Ricky Pippin was pulling up to a mailbox when he a saw a young boy wandering around alone, wearing only a diaper. Pippin went to the nearest house and found no one there. He eventually located a neighbor who knew the child and contacted his grandmother, who soon retrieved him.

Bristol, VA, Rural Carrier Associate Melanie Bostic became concerned when a customer’s mail started piling up. She alerted police, who found the man stranded on a nearby path where he’d broken his leg several days earlier.

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