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USPS personal email policy reminder

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Need to check your personal email at work? Don’t use your postal computer to do it.

Reminder: USPS prohibits employees from using postal computers and mobile devices to log into their personal email accounts, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Excite and MSN.

Access to these accounts is blocked to protect postal networks from phishing emails and other security threats.

If you attempt to use USPS equipment to access a non-postal email account, you’ll receive a pop-up notification that your access to the account is blocked.

Additionally, the Postal Service prohibits employees and contractors from using personal electronic devices to receive, process, store or send emails containing USPS sensitive-enhanced, sensitive or non-publicly available information.

Sensitive information contains confidential personally identifiable data, such as dates of birth, Social Security numbers or bank routing numbers, while sensitive-enhanced information describes data like a driver’s license number or credit or debit card information.

Handbook AS-805 explains the Postal Service’s email policies in detail.

If you believe you’ve received a phishing email, report it to the CyberSecurity Operations Center at

The CyberSafe at USPS sites on Blue and LiteBlue and have additional information.

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