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Lydia Hernandez, Alva, FL; Edith Ereno-Chacon, San Jose, CA; Adrian Helwig, Boulder, CO

Alva, FL, Rural Carrier Lydia Hernandez
Alva, FL, Rural Carrier Lydia Hernandez

Postal Service employees delivering mail also brought help to several customers recently.

Alva, FL, Rural Carrier Lydia Hernandez got worried when a customer hadn’t picked up his mail for a couple of days and had left his garage door open. She alerted a neighbor, and together they discovered that the man had collapsed inside his home. Hernandez called 911 and stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

“I’m thankful to Lydia for her diligence in recognizing that something was not right, and for her quick thinking,” Postmaster Lynn Southwick said.

San Jose, CA, Letter Carrier Edith Ereno-Chacon also noticed a full mailbox at a customer’s home. She rang the doorbell and heard the man cry out for help. Ereno-Chacon called 911 and waited for emergency responders, who took the customer to a hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in a fall several days earlier.

In Boulder, CO, Letter Carrier Adrian Helwig discovered an 86-year-old man stranded after falling outside his home on a windy, frigid day. Helwig carried the man indoors, made him comfortable and called 911 for further assistance.

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