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Sherry Moodespaugh, Caledonia, OH

Hero Sherry Moodespaugh
Caledonia, OH, Rural Carrier Sherry Moodespaugh

A customer in Caledonia, OH, who recently suffered a stroke got the help he needed thanks to a concerned postal employee.

Rural Carrier Sherry Moodespaugh noticed that the man hadn’t picked up his mail in several days, and she grew concerned when she knocked on his door and got no response.

She alerted his neighbors, who hadn’t seen him recently and decided to call 911.

Emergency responders found the man lying motionless on the floor and rushed him to a hospital.

The customer had no family members nearby, but Moodespaugh contacted one out-of-state relative who was grateful to know what happened.

“If Sherry had not been paying attention, this gentleman likely would not be with us today,” Postmaster Mark Goossens said. “She is a caring individual who knows her customers and watches out for their well-being.”

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