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USPS recognized as top federal agency

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USPS has once again been named the top government agency for providing opportunities to diverse businesses.

For the sixth year in a row, the Postal Service has been recognized as the top government agency for promoting diversity and inclusiveness in business opportunities in the United States.

“We are honored that the Postal Service has again been selected as the country’s top government agency for multicultural business opportunities,” said Supply Management VP Susan Brownell.

USPS has ranked among the top 25 government agencies for 16 consecutive years.

Omnikal, a business organization, presented the award May 18 at its 17th Annual National Business Summit in New York City.

More than 2 million Omnikal members voted in a poll, and USPS ranked first for engaging in supplier diversity by providing opportunities to diverse enterprise owners.

“As an essential part of our procurement strategy, supplier diversity continues to strengthen the Postal Service’s competiveness in the marketplace,” Brownell said. “We remain committed to maintaining a strong, competitive, and diverse supplier base.”

The Postal Service regularly hosts workshops, facilitates one-on-one business meetings and posts materials online to guide a diverse cross-section of suppliers.

The May 18 news release has additional information.

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