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Carolyn Snyder, Hornell, NY; Sandra Penick, Brooklyn, NY; Crystal Trout, Rochester, NY

Hornell, NY, Retail Associate Carolyn Snyder
Hornell, NY, Retail Associate Carolyn Snyder

Several Postal Service employees in New York recently helped protect customers from fraud and foul weather.

A woman in Hornell, NY, contacted Retail Associate Carolyn Snyder for help after falling victim to a scam targeting older people. Snyder contacted the processing plant to intercept the $9,500 bank check the woman had mailed, and ensured the letter was returned to Hornell and turned over to authorities for investigation.

Brooklyn, NY, Customer Services Supervisor Sandra Penick led a team effort to locate and return a package from a customer in Alabama who was tricked into sending a large amount of cash to scammers. Newton, AL, Postmaster Blake Woodham said Penick “never wavered from her cheerful attitude” over the several days it took to locate the package before it could be delivered in New York.

Brooklyn Postmaster Anthony Impronto called Penick a “fine example of our employees and their daily heroic acts [that benefit customers], even from 1,000 miles away.”

In Rochester, NY, Letter Carrier Crystal Trout was delivering mail on a cold and soggy day when she heard a woman call out for help. Trout discovered that an older customer had fallen outside. The postal employee called 911 and located a blanket to keep the woman warm and a rug for her to sit on instead of the wet ground. Emergency responders soon arrived to provide further assistance.

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