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Kenneth Friend, Grand Island, NY; Brian Whipple, Murray, UT; Adam Butler, Miami Beach, FL

Grand Island, NY, Letter Carrier Kenneth Friend
Grand Island, NY, Letter Carrier Kenneth Friend

USPS employees recently took extra steps to ensure safety in the neighborhoods they serve.

Grand Island, NY, Letter Carrier Kenneth Friend smelled gas at a residence and alerted the homeowner. She later told him that the gas company discovered a significant leak, and that his detection may have prevented a tragedy. When Postmaster Michael Romaszko heard about the incident and asked Friend about it, he humbly replied, “It’s what we do.”

In Murray, UT, a gas leak detected by Letter Carrier Brian Whipple proved more disruptive. After he notified the gas company, workers discovered a break in the main line, requiring the evacuation of three homes while repairs were made. One of the affected customers later wrote a note of thanks to Whipple, telling him, “You do a fantastic job and always go above and beyond. I appreciate it!”

Police in Miami Beach, FL, credited City Carrier Assistant Adam Butler with possibly saving the life of a deaf woman who was being beaten by a man. Butler was delivering mail when he came upon the scene outside and intervened, while another witness called 911 and the attacker fled. Police apprehended the suspect nearby, and Customer Services Manager Eboni McKenzie later called Butler’s actions “very heroic and honorable.”

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