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Fridays with Etta

Customer spreads cheer to local Post Offices

Etta Hitner, left, meets Cohasset, MN, Postmaster Deb Metzer
Etta Hitner, left, meets Cohasset, MN, Postmaster Deb Metzer recently.

Postal Service customers count on employees to treat them with courtesy — but employees who work near Etta Hitner can count on her to return the favor.

Every Friday morning, Hitner makes important calls to almost a dozen Post Offices near her Nashwauk, MN, home.

“I just call and tell them to have a good day and a nice weekend,” Hitner said. “If they have time to talk a little more, that’s nice. But otherwise, I don’t say too much.”

Hitner began making the calls about 10 years ago.

“I just thought it was a nice thing to do,” she said.

The calls aren’t directed to any particular employee.

Hitner shares her good wishes with whoever answers the phone, although she always includes a special message for employees who work outside in extreme weather.

At the Cohasset, MN, Post Office — where employees describe the calls as “Fridays with Etta” — Postmaster Deb Metzer recently met her special customer for the first time.

“I do want to tell you thank you for all of the calls you’ve made to all of us,” Metzer told Hitner. “It does make our day a little bit brighter.”

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