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Joshua Lopez, Cypress, CA; Elaine Hudson, Hendersonville, NC; Eric Haney, Huber Heights, OH

Cypress, CA, City Carrier Assistant Joshua Lopez
This edition showcases heroic acts by three employees, including Cypress, CA, City Carrier Assistant Joshua Lopez.

Several customers hurt in recent falls got the help they needed from alert Postal Service employees.

City Carrier Assistant Joshua Lopez heard a cry for help while delivering mail in Cypress, CA. He discovered that a woman was stranded in her garage after falling, striking her head and becoming wedged between a washing machine and a chair. Lopez called 911, and the customer later gave him a card expressing her gratitude.

Rural Carrier Elaine Hudson was delivering mail in Hendersonville, NC, when she discovered that a woman had fallen outside her home. Hudson helped her get inside and contacted her daughter, who called 911 and rushed to the scene. When she got there, Hudson helped her move furniture to provide easier access for emergency responders, who soon arrived to treat the injured woman.

Huber Heights, OH, Letter Carrier Eric Haney was delivering a parcel to a customer’s home when he heard her call out for assistance. He discovered her on the floor inside, called 911 and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived. Members of her family later stopped by the Post Office to thank Haney. They said she’d been stranded overnight and had dragged herself to the door, knowing that mail delivery was her best option to get someone’s attention.

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