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USPS testing elimination of some forms

Four USPS forms
USPS is testing the elimination of four Extra Services forms.

The Postal Service has eliminated four Extra Services forms at some Retail Systems Software (RSS) sites.

In a test underway at RSS sites in Capital and Northern Virginia districts, these color-coded forms are no longer required:

  • PS Form 3804 Return Receipt for Merchandise
  • PS Form 3813 Insured Mail Receipt (domestic only, $500 and under)
  • PS Form 3813-P Insured Mail Receipt (domestic only, over $500)
  • PS Form 153 Signature Confirmation Receipt

Instead of using these forms, retail employees at the test sites are printing Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) labels at the point of sale. Only one IMpb label is needed for each mailpiece that previously required a form.

The objective of the test is to reduce scanning issues, unnecessary refunds and claims processing by using only one barcode on mailpieces. This new approach also eliminates printing and restocking costs.

The Postal Service will evaluate the results of the test and determine if these four forms will be eliminated at all RSS sites.

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