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Nathaniel Andrade, El Paso, TX; Scott Czerneski, Hurley, WI; Rodney Miller, Fenton, MI

USPS employee
El Paso, TX, Letter Carrier Nathaniel Andrade

Postal Service employees were quick to respond in several instances recently where customers needed a helping hand.

Letter Carrier Nathaniel Andrade had just delivered mail to an El Paso, TX, apartment complex when a resident fell near the cluster box unit. Andrade helped the man up, walked him home and checked on him the following day. The customer, who declined medical attention, was grateful and explained that his medication may have made him dizzy.

In Hurley, WI, Letter Carrier Scott Czerneski was delivering mail when he came upon an unresponsive customer leaning against a pickup truck. Czerneski caught the man as he slid to the ground, then called 911 and stayed with him until emergency responders arrived and took him to a hospital. The customer is recovering.

Retail Associate Rodney Miller was assisting customers at the Fenton, MI, Post Office when he heard that someone had collapsed in the lobby. Miller rushed to the man’s side and rendered first aid while 911 was called. The customer soon stopped breathing, and Miller performed CPR until emergency responders arrived.

“Rodney wasted no time in jumping into action. We’re proud to have him on the Fenton Post Office team,” said Postmaster Mara Boyle, who reported that the customer later recovered.

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