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The list: 5 facts about Global Forever stamps

Five Global Forever stamps
Global Forever stamps include, clockwise from top left, Evergreen Wreath, Planet Earth, Silver Bells Wreath, Sea Surface Temperatures and The Moon.

The Postal Service released its latest Global Forever stamp, Green Succulent, last week. Here’s a look at other international Forever stamps, courtesy of “The list.”

1. Planet Earth. The first Global Forever stamp was issued in 2013 and used satellite and 3-D computer data to create an artistic rendering of the planet.

2. Evergreen Wreath. Released in 2013, the first holiday Global Forever stamp featured a photograph of a wreath made of evergreen twigs, pinecones, berries and a red ribbon.

3. Sea Surface Temperatures. Issued on Earth Day in 2014, this stamp depicted the world’s ocean surface temperatures as visualized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

4. Silver Bells Wreath. This 2014 stamp celebrated holidays internationally with a photograph of a silver bell wreath and red ribbon on a green background.

5. The Moon. A detailed photograph of an illuminated full moon taken in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was featured in 2016.

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