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Sharon Nesbitt, Hookerton, NC

Hookerton, NC, Postmaster Sharon Nesbitt
Hookerton, NC, Postmaster Sharon Nesbitt

Postmaster Sharon Nesbitt was helping customers recently at the Hookerton, NC, Post Office when she encountered a man who appeared to be in distress.

She asked him if he was OK and he replied that he had “a funny feeling.”

Nesbitt, a former emergency responder, checked his pulse and found it to be irregular. She also noticed that one side of his face was drooping.

She called the customer’s daughter, who picked him up and took him to a nearby emergency room. He was hospitalized for a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a “ministroke.”

The American Stroke Association advises that TIAs should be taken seriously because they can signal that a full-blown stroke is coming.

The customer recovered from the incident.

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