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Kene Roberts, Rapid City, SD

Rapid City, SD, City Carrier Assistant Kene Roberts
Rapid City, SD, City Carrier Assistant Kene Roberts

City Carrier Assistant Kene Roberts was driving home from work recently in Rapid City, SD, when he saw an alarming sight: a car traveling in the opposite direction with its bottom on fire.

He pulled over to call 911, then turned around to follow the vehicle, which he soon saw alongside the road, now with smoke pouring from the windows as flames engulfed it.

Roberts and two other passersby freed the driver, who told them he relies on a wheelchair and couldn’t escape on his own. The rescuers then retrieved the wheelchair from the trunk and got the man a safe distance away from the car.

Emergency responders soon arrived and extinguished the flames. The driver was unhurt.

“If somebody needs help, you just gotta go do what you gotta do,” Roberts told the local Fox station.

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