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Celebrating differences

Special events unify postal workforce

Merrified, VA, postal employees
Employees at the Merrifield, VA, Processing and Distribution Center gather for a recent Multicultural Awareness Day event.

USPS held events throughout April to mark Celebrate Diversity Month, an annual effort to help employees from all walks of life gain a deeper understanding of each other.

“We celebrate those cultural differences that make us stronger and lead to a more inclusive environment,” PMG Megan J. Brennan said at a Multicultural Awareness Day event at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC.

She added that “different from does not mean less than” and that differences are a strength and a “competitive advantage for this organization.”

A variety of celebrations were held at other facilities across the nation, including events that allowed employees to learn about each other’s ethnic backgrounds.

For example, the Merrifield, VA, Processing and Distribution Center organized a luncheon where employees prepared and shared dishes that represented their cultural traditions.

“Celebrating diversity helps us build a stronger organization,” said Northern Virginia District Health and Resources Management Manager Kym Matthews. “A diverse workplace provides a broad set of skills, ideas and viewpoints that help improve overall morale.”

The Multicultural Awareness Day kit on Blue has additional information and resources.

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