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Scanning scores, employee excellence

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Western was the area leader in scanning during the week ending April 21, while Dakotas finished first among the districts.

Scanning snapshot. The Postal Service’s national scanning rating was 97.84 percent during the week ending April 21, up from one week earlier.

Dakotas (99.12 percent) topped the districts, while Western (98.13 percent) led the areas.

To see the latest results, go to the Enterprise Analytics site and select “Scanning” on the left hand side, and then “DES 2 — Scan Performance” from the drop-down options.

Speech, speech! Kevin Chappell, a speechwriter at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC, has received a Cicero Speechwriting Award.

The award is for a speech delivered by Eastern Area VP Josh Colin at the February 2016 dedication of the Richard Allen stamp. Chappell was honored in the category for dedication or groundbreaking ceremonies.

The awards are given annually by Vital Speeches of the Day, a trade publication. The publication’s site has a list of all winners.

Peeps’ praise. When Buffalo, NY, Retail Associate Kelsey Fronczak recently received recognition for delivering excellent service, some of her customers showed their appreciation as well.

The customers said Cayuga Branch, where Fronczak works, is their favorite Post Office and praised her as Buffalo’s best retail associate. Fronczak happily posed for a photo with her “peeps.”

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