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Con jobs

Scammers working to lure job hunters

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Are you taking steps to protect yourself when researching jobs online?

Scammers are working overtime to con online job hunters.

Using fake job listings and bogus online job boards, scammers trick individuals into sharing their personal information.

To protect yourself, the CyberSafe at USPS team advises you to watch out for the following:

• Spear-phishing and “whaling” scams: If you have a postal email address on a professional site, scammers can use that information to launch spear-phishing attacks that target individuals or whaling attacks that target companies or executives.

• Fake jobs on social media: Fraudulent job offers often appear on Facebook and other social media sites. Before responding, research the job on the company’s site to verify its legitimacy.

• Fake opportunities on legitimate job boards: Scammers sometimes pose as job recruiters. Once job seekers are hired, the scammers steal their financial information and disappear.

Employees should also refer to Handbook AS-805, Section 363, which explains the USPS social media policy.

According to the policy, employees shouldn’t create unauthorized USPS social media accounts, post social media messages on the Postal Service’s behalf, use postal devices to log in to social media accounts, or use USPS email addresses for social media accounts.

The CyberSafe at USPS sites on Blue and LiteBlue have additional information.

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