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Problem solvers

USPS launches awareness campaign

Continuous improvement
USPS is promoting the concept of continuous improvement through a new awareness campaign.

The Postal Service is beginning a campaign to promote the concept of continuous improvement and problem-solving throughout the organization.

Continuous improvement is the ongoing practice of identifying and solving problems, using innovation and best practices to improve products, services and processes.

The awareness campaign will debut this spring with a variety of communications materials to educate employees, including enhancements to the Office of Continuous Improvement’s site.

The campaign aims to encourage employees to solve workplace problems using principles from the Lean Six Sigma improvement process.

“We are looking to identify and activate problem solvers at all levels to spread continuous improvement and create a better product for our employees and our customers,” said Office of Continuous Improvement Manager Jewelyn Harrington.

For more information, email the Office of Continuous Improvement.

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