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Direct mail awards, online safety tips

Award recipient
Karl Hansen of Singularis Group, left, receives the Best of the Best Direct Mail Award from USPS Brand Marketing Executive Director Chris Karpenko.

Political prize. The Postal Service sponsored the Best of the Best Direct Mail Award at a recent conference organized by the American Association of Political Consultants.

Singularis Group, an Overland, KS, firm, received the award for a campaign that promoted voting by mail and featured an interactive direct mailpiece.

Also at the conference, Brand Marketing Executive Director Chris Karpenko participated in a panel discussion on the future of the media in politics.

Online safety tips. The CyberSafe at USPS team is advising employees to take the following precautions to protect their information on social media:

  • Create strong and different passwords for all accounts
  • Delete unsolicited messages
  • Verify company profiles
  • Avoid suspicious pop-ups or links
  • Delete unnecessary information from profiles
  • Refrain from posting location statuses

If you fall victim to a scam on a social media site, the team reminds you to cease all communication with the scammer and keep records of your communications with him or her.

You should report the incident to the social media site, your local police department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Compliant Center and the Federal Trade Commission.

Employees should also refer to Handbook AS-805, Section 363, which explains the USPS social media policy.

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