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Easter parade

Sick child receives special delivery

Framingham, MA, Postmaster Shawn Pitts and Devin Suau
Framingham, MA, Postmaster Shawn Pitts presents a certificate to Devin Suau following the recent postal parade. Images: Petroni Media

When there’s a whole fleet of postal trucks headed to your home, it means you have a lot of mail — or in the case of Devin Suau, a lot of love.

The 6-year-old Framingham, MA, child’s parents are raising money to help fund medical treatments for his rare brain tumor.

Framingham Post Office employees raised money for the boy — all donations were voluntary and collected on employees’ own time — and chose a unique delivery method: a parade of 50 LLVs.

The special celebration occurred a few days before Easter.

Employees presented Devin with hats, a mail delivery bag filled with encouraging notes and a check for $2,100.

Postmaster Shawn Pitts also proclaimed Devin as the town’s honorary Postmaster.

Letter carriers like Bill Lynch are proud to have helped organize the event.

“I knew that the men and women I work with would be willing to do whatever is needed to be done to make this little boy smile,” he said. “They never asked why, they asked when.”

Ken Hansen, Devin’s letter carrier, was especially happy to participate.

“I can’t imagine the burden this family is going through, and I’m glad I could help them out in this way,” he said.

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