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Redelivery, redesigned

USPS testing form to give customers more options

The Postal Service is testing a new form to alert customers when a package delivery wasn’t completed on the first try.

The redesigned We ReDeliver for You! form (PS Form 3849) shows who the item is from, when and why the delivery was missed, and how long the package will be held for redelivery.

The form allows customers to request a redelivery by scanning a QR code with a mobile device, visiting or picking up the mailpiece at a Post Office.

Letter carriers can place the form in a customer’s mailbox or affix it to a customer’s door.

“Testing this redesigned form is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to improve redelivery and enhance the customer experience,” said Delivery Operations VP Kevin McAdams. “We’re looking forward to receiving and evaluating employee and customer feedback.”

Both business and residential customers can use the redesigned form, which is currently being tested at three Northern Virginia Post Offices.

The Postal Service is encouraging customers to sign up for an account at to better manage their deliveries and redeliveries.

A new video has more information about the redesigned form.

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