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Green principles

IT centers save more than $750,000

Employee fixes wires
USPS recently updated cooling systems and restructured maintenance services at three Information Technology centers.

The Postal Service recently saved more than $750,000 by updating older, inefficient cooling systems and restructuring maintenance services at three Information Technology centers.

The IT team reused old, inefficient facility cooling systems by retrofitting them with high efficiency, state-of-the-art motors and controls. By prolonging the useful life of the equipment, USPS reduced waste, saved natural resources and increased energy efficiency.

The team worked with key vendors to restructure the maintenance services at the centers, which are located in Raleigh, NC; San Mateo, CA; and Eagan, MN.

“The IT team embraced the green principles of reducing, recycling and reusing,” Information Technology VP Jeff Johnson said. “By collaborating with other departments, we are finding new ways to save the Postal Service money — an approach that benefits employees and customers alike.”

USPS is continuing to evaluate systems across the nation to increase effectiveness, cut costs and invest in new equipment.

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