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David Phillips and Chrishon White, Berlin, MD

Two carriers in uniform stand in front of PO
Berlin, MD, Letter Carrier David Phillips and City Carrier Assistant Chrishon White

A customer in Berlin, MD, recently survived a case of diabetic shock with the help of two postal employees who noticed she was in distress.

Letter Carrier David Phillips was delivering mail with City Carrier Assistant Chrishon White when they saw the woman sitting in her car in her driveway. When Phillips asked her if she was OK and got no response, he urged her to unlock her car door, but she was unable to do so.

He called 911 while White moved the postal vehicle to clear the way for emergency responders, who soon arrived and took the customer to a hospital.

“Without the help of David and Chrishon, the situation could have turned out very differently,” Postmaster Teresa McWilliams said.

She added that the customer later contacted her to thank Phillips and White “for helping her in her time of need.”

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