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Competition welcome

Premium PO Box contest begins

Man opening a PO Box.
The Postal Service is aiming to boost PO Box sales through a new contest.

USPS is hosting a competition from April 15-May 12 to see which Premium Post Office Box locations can open the most PO Boxes.

Premium PO Box locations were formerly known as Move to Competitive (MTC) sites.

To qualify, offices must first open a minimum number of boxes based on the office’s size. Winning offices will then be determined by most boxes sold or by the increase compared to the prior year.

Each week, up to 42 winning offices will be selected to receive $50-$100 gift cards.

At the end of the competition, up to 21 grand prize winning offices will be eligible to receive $150-$500 gift cards.

All new boxes must be entered in the Web Box Activity Tracking System (WebBATS) “Promotion” tool in order for them to be counted toward the contest. Employees can access this tool by selecting “Customer/Issue 1093” in WebBATS and then checking the “Promotions” box on the payment screen.

If a tie occurs, USPS will determine final winners by counting the number of customers who were signed up for Real Mail Notification, Street Addressing and Signature on File service enhancements.

Additional details are available on the Retail and Customer Service Operations Blue page, where competition results will be posted each week.

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