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Chicks ahoy!

Postmaster makes special delivery

Two kids and baby chicks
The Hooper kids — Gracie, 8, and Austin, 10 — show off the baby chicks they recently received through a special delivery from the Postal Service.

Employees at the Angola, LA, Post Office recently had a special Easter hunt — but not for eggs.

After Kristin Hooper and her two children, 8-year-old Gracie and 10-year-old Austin, came to the Post Office to pick up some baby chicks, they learned the fragile package had not yet arrived.

Frantic, Hooper told employees she had been tracking the package and saw a notification that the chicks would arrive that day.

That’s when Postmaster Bryant Townsend got involved to make sure the kids were able to enjoy their chicks before Easter.

After contacting the local processing and distribution center, he discovered the chicks were en route to Angola.

The chicks arrived after hours and, not wanting the family to wait any longer, Townsend personally delivered them that evening.

Gracie and Austin were excited to see the Postmaster pull up to their home with their Easter chicks.

“It was definitely worth every ounce of effort,” Townsend said.

Once the chicks are grown, the Hoopers plan to relocate them to a relative’s farm.

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