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From the heart

Employees rally to cheer up sick child

Linda Shepard
Linda Shepard, 10, opens a package she received from USPS employees in Greater Michigan District.

When Linda Shepard was too sick to attend a party at her school, a group of Michigan employees made sure she got many heartfelt deliveries.

The 10-year-old Crowley, TX, child has leukemia and missed a lot of school this year.

Linda’s grandmother recently visited the Hesperia, MI, Post Office and mentioned that her granddaughter was very ill and disappointed to have missed a special party.

The Hesperia employees spread the word — and soon employees across Greater Michigan District came together to make Linda feel better.

Grand Rapids, MI, Acting Supervisor Scott Spicer encouraged his co-workers at the Eastown Post Office to help.

They used their own funds to send Linda an engraved trophy that proclaimed her an honorary mail carrier, a sheet of Wonder Woman stamps and a signed card.

“It made my heart very full to see all of my co-workers come together to try to put a smile on a complete stranger’s face,” Spicer said.

Nearby Post Offices also sent Linda gifts, including crayons and coloring books, stuffed animals, candy, commemorative envelopes and model LLVs.

“The generosity and kind words from everyone here at Eastown made me feel so incredibly proud of where I work,” Spicer said.

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