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Easy riding

Travel policy now covers ride-sharing services

USPS employees can use ride-sharing services while on postal business.

Postal Service employees can now use ride-sharing companies for local transportation while on official USPS business.

These companies can be more affordable than taxi services. You can download apps to your mobile device and use them to find drivers, request a ride, pay for your travel and receive a receipt.

Expenses incurred using ride-sharing services while on postal business are reimbursable at the amount of the fare plus tip, when available, which is limited to 20 percent.

The Postal Service is encouraging employees to use this method of travel when it makes sense.

After downloading a ride-sharing app to your mobile device, use your USPS travel card to set up an account. These apps will allow you to load multiple payment cards if you also want to use the ride-sharing service for personal use.

USPS will update Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation, to reflect that ride-sharing is now available.

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