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Tips offered to reduce financial stress

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Creating a budget — and sticking to it — can reduce financial stress, experts say.

Seven out of 10 workers say finances are their most common cause of stress, according to the American Psychology Association.

Financial Literacy Month, which is held every April, provides a reminder to practice responsible budgeting and planning for the future if you’re not already doing so.

To help you achieve these goals, the USPS Wellness team offers these tips:

• Follow the money. Find out where you are spending the most on discretionary items. Is it a coffee run every morning?

• Show some discipline. Challenge yourself not to spend money one day a week. Check off every day you don’t spend money on the Wellness self-reporting calendar.

• Be smart. Less is more. Do you really need that soy caramel double shot latte? Your wallet and waist line will thank you.

The end goal of better financial management is achieving overall financial well-being.

The Financial Wellness LiteBlue page has more information on reaching your financial goals, including recent financial-related webinars in the Wellness Webinar Library.

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